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Vol. 5 No. 3 (2021): July - September

The impact that markets have on the prices of artisans is a relevant object of study for the scientific community, the same that links productivity, performance, production, customer service and satisfaction in several studies related to MyPimes, which in general summarizes the theme of this issue that also approaches in a theoretical way the parameters that companies maintain with the balanced scorecard and their decision making aligned to the administrative management and growth of enterprises. We invite you to read this issue and share with the researchers their positions on the findings made in the region.

Published: 2021-06-04

Information source observatories: Concepts and theoretical review

Carlos Eduardo Martínez Albarracín , William Ernesto Bolívar Salgado , Nohelia Marcela Gutiérrez Salgado

Application of the PHVA cycle to increase productivity in the Frescor production area of ARY Servicios Generales S.A.C, 2020

Ricardo Steiman Benites Aliaga, Alex Antenor Benites Aliaga, Santos Santiago Javez Valladares, Segundo Gerardo Ulloa Bocanegra

Administrative management in procurement processes in a public sector entity

Pompeyo Gabriel Asca Agama, Olga María del Carmen Ramos Huamán, Roque Juan Espinoza Casco, Rogelio Espinoza Gálvez

Balanced Scorecard for decision making and development of sustainability strategies for a tourism destination

Gema Viviana Carvajal Zambrano, Anabel Carolina Chávez López, Dianelys Nogueira Rivera, Marie Lía Velásquez Vera

Competencies of the area of statistics in legal research

Silvio José Castellanos Herrera, Stella Serrano Moreno
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