Information source observatories: Concepts and theoretical review

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Carlos Eduardo Martínez Albarracín
William Ernesto Bolívar Salgado
Nohelia Marcela Gutiérrez Salgado


Nowadays, information is a fundamental tool to improve competitiveness and success in organizations. Observatories through technological surveillance and competitive intelligence are a source of knowledge management. In Colombia there is a multiplicity of topics in the observatories as a valuable support for decision makers of companies and institutions of public or private character and mixed economy. What criteria do the observatories implement as sources of information in the search for reliable data to their stakeholders, taking into account that these particularize the variables in the creation of new knowledge, helping the actors (public, academic and business) to make the best decisions in the development of the regions in particular in the area of influence of UNIMINUTO Zipaquirá regional center? This paper identifies concepts and makes a theoretical review of observatories in order to argue the feasibility of creating a competitive intelligence observatory in UNIMINUTO Zipaquirá regional center.


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Martínez Albarracín , C. E., Bolívar Salgado , W. E., & Gutiérrez Salgado , N. M. (2021). Information source observatories: Concepts and theoretical review. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 5(3).