Published: 2023-04-17

Consumption study using blends of additives and local fuels in combined cycles at 2800 meters above sea level.

Brayan Steve Guanulema Nepas, Omar Ricardo Felix Pacheco, Alian Roberto Guanulema Nepas, Guillermo Gorky Reyes Campaña

Productivity analysis focusing on internal combustion engine vibration when using local fuels and additives

Guillermo Gorky Reyes Campaña , Juan Andres Sánchez Delgado, Steven Sebastián Rojas Bravo

A comparative study of rice export levels before and during dollarization 1980-2020

Jorge Wilson Flores Rodríguez, Jorge Washington Encalada Noboa, Angie Yohan Larrosa Larrosa, Daisy Priscila Criollo Rocohano