Published: 2023-08-04

Elements of integrated business management as a mechanism for profitability in the inns of the La Troncal sector

Ana Gabriela Hinojosa Caballero, Joffre Edgar Boza Aguirre, Jonnathan Fernando Guzmán Chávez, Lucia Carolina Morales Calle

Perceptions and research trends in ICT-mediated educational innovation: case studies in the Latin American context

Luis Ernesto Benavides-Sellan, Christian Antonio Pavón Brito, Nathaly Geovanna Vera Ramírez, Mariela Alexandra Tapia León

Integration of quality management systems in tourism destinations: implications and benefits for sustainability and competitiveness

Carlos Andrés Ortiz Chimbo, Karla Maribel Ortiz Chimbo, Carlos David Loor Rodríguez, Washington Edward Ulli Flores

Tourism micro-enterprises, an alternative for the sustainable development of tourism in the Salitre canton, Guayas Province: nurseries, new undertakings

Karla Maribel Ortiz Chimbo, Roberto Andrés García Viteri, Shirley Huerta Cruz, Rubén Ernesto Sánchez Macías